Help with webflow pages wordpress plugin

Hello all,

I understand and have read that to remove the “Made in Webflow” badge from my website when displayed through the wordpress plugin “Webflow Pages”, i can manage the CNAME record, subdomain yada yada yada to eventually have the website up on wordpress without the badge… i can figure that part out pretty easily

This is what i am confused by:

So if i purchase a domain and host it from webflow, would this be a true statement?: i can own 50 separate domains in bluehost and set up a wordpress site for each one… I can then create 50 subdomains off of my one webflow hosted domain, then use each one of those subdomains to point to an owned domain in bluehost, allowing for 50 individual websites “,, etc” each one individually connected to the subdomain i created for its website on webflow… connected theough the wordpress plugin?

If this is correct, a follow up question: i dont understand seo well - will hosting websites this way impact SEO for the websites i host this way?

If this is NOT correct: i am asking whoever owns webflow to consider what ive said above immediately because my fear right now is that the only way to do this without the webflow badge is to pay whatever it is, $15ish per month PER website if i want to host them on bluehost through wordpress… and realistically speaking if that is the case woulsnt it be in my interest as a development comoany to hire someone to recreate my websites in wordpress to save me thousands per month?


Yeah I’d contact support directly with this question.

the problem dear, is u want to pass of ur web flow as if you made it to clients,

wholeroute should be v honest wiz clients and not lie on them

just humble opinion