Help with voucher code website?

I’m creating a voucher code website for a client.

Like most standard voucher code websites, each retailer/brand has their own page displaying information & vouchers.

So we’ll name this collection ‘retailer page’ which lists retailer 1, retailer 2 and so on.

I then added every voucher (regardless of retailer) to one collection ‘all vouchers’ and tagged them to a specific retailer.

Then on the retailer template page I thought I could use the collection list element to display the relevant vouchers using the retailer tag. This worked, but not how I wanted. It basically displayed the same tag across all retailer pages because the retailer page is a template page. I didn’t realise this before setting up.

What would be the best way to add the vouchers, so that they can be displayed on their relevant retailer template page?

Would it simply be a case of adding this info along with the retailer details within the main retailer collection, then binding that content just like we would with the retailer page headings etc?

I was also trying to think of best practices for managing this further down the line when the client has 100’s of retailers on the website. And thinking of flexibility in case he wants to display multiple brands / vouchers on one page, under a separate category, instead of just a single retailer / brand page.

Any help with this would be massively appreciated, as I’m a little stuck on the best way of proceeding.

Thank you.

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Hi @Esteban

So for this I would say two collections:

  • Retailers with a multi ref to Vouchers
  • Vouchers with a multi ref to Retailers

You can then create all your retailers, and all your vouchers and create a multi reference to each. So on the retailers collection, create a multi-ref to the vouchers collection.

In the vouchers collection, create a multi-ref to the retailers.

So the customer can view the voucher info page and see the retailer, or they can view the retailer and see the vouchers.

You could of course add in categories to the mix and multi reference these too. Just bear in mind that you have 5 multi references available on standard CMS hosting, so any more than that will require Business hosting.

Hope that helps a little and gives you some ideas :slight_smile:

Hi @magicmark

Thank you taking the time to comment.

I looked at this, but I don’t think it’s suitable long term (when the client will inevitably have a lot of retailers and vouchers on the website).

The vouchers all have a specific name, for example ‘Last Minute Deals - Save up to 50% on summer’ or ‘Late Summer Savings - September and October Fixed Price Deals’.

Therefore in the retailers collection when I multi ref the vouchers, it’s not clear on which retailer/brand the voucher belongs to in the multi ref dropdown.

Hope that makes sense.