Help with video

Hello guys,

Can you help me, how can i do this in Webflow
To have button that when you click it, I want the the button to disappear and a video to play where it was, When the video finishes, I want it to disappear and then a one-question questionnaire form asking to choose between two options.

Thank you.

If you’re familiar with scripting, you can read up on the client-side scripting API for various video players, like youtube, vimeo, and jwplayer, to capture events like “video completed.” There are events you can plug into, but your player choices depend on where you choose to host your videos.

An option that may be easier for you is to use Wistia, which support the end-of video questions as part of the platform. Makes your life way easier.

Also, for the UX on the button click, you can use script to show and hide DIVs, however I’d probably go with a lightbox approach instead. It’s a bit easier in that you don’t need to worry about responsive layouts as much, and specifically “is the video on-screen still”? With a lightbox, the answer is yes.