Help with vertical slider!

Alright peeps!
So I followed this guy’s AWESOME tutorial to make a vertical slider.
Youtube LINK
Video is older though, so Webflow was a little different.
There’s a couple things happening that are different from the video, and one that he didn’t do, that I want.

First, mine is working but the FIRST click doesn’t do the animation for some reason.
From the second time I change slides, it works.

Second, when clicked, what’s happening is, slide disappears and then the next one slides in.
I need the current slide to slide OUT at the same time, not sure why this part isn’t working.

And finally, I also need them to slide in opposite directions depending on what order you’re changing the slides. For example, if you’re on the topmost slide and you go down, they should slide UP OUT to the top and the new one also UP IN from the bottom, and this behavior keeps going until you reach the bottom slide.

Then, if you ever click UP to go back one, the animations should reverse, as in they slide DOWN OUT to the bottom, and the new one slides DOWN IN from the top.


It’s in the “LORE” section of the site.

Here’s my link: