Help with unliking/compentents

I am currently working on editing a website using Webflow and have encountered an issue with managing case studies in the design.

Specifically, I am trying to unlink case study elements so that I can delete all but one of them. However, whenever I attempt to delete one case study card, it deletes all of them, which is not the intended action. I have watched several instructional videos provided by Webflow on managing components, but I am still unsure how to proceed, especially since I am unable to delete the case studies from the CRM collection.

Could you please provide guidance on how to unlink case study elements properly so that I can delete the excess cards without affecting the others? Any specific steps or settings adjustments would be greatly appreciated!

It would be helpful if you share your project read-only link.

And not sure if it is a solution you are looking for but you can just right click on the component and you can click unlink. This will detach it from the actual component.

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