Help with tracking emails from keywords in form submissions


I’m trying to track which email comes from which keyword (search keyword) after form submission on my Webflow site. I would like to include the keyword information in the email body or subject line. Can anyone help me with the solution?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Rashmi, you need to share your project readonly link, and identify the page you’re attempting to accomplish this on so we can see the details of what you’re trying to do.

Search results and form submissions aren’t connected things by default in Webflow, so that’s much too vague of a description for us to give any recommendations on.

If you are tracking those search terms in the URL through parameters like utm_term then you can just grab it and add it to a hidden form field and then pass it to the email body or subject line (whatever you like).

Those are the basics, but when that visitor submits the form, the search term will be included and you can send it off to through email.

Hope that helps!

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Can we do this method that has no URL params as well?