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Help with touch JS


I am running into some difficulties with rendering and animations on my website. I am not the developer, but have some basic coding skills and trying to see if I can get this fixed on my own.

After receiving Google Search Console errors: Text too small to read, Clickable elements too close together, and Content wider than screen, I ran my site ( through Google’s Mobile Friendly Test and the virtual renderer shows the page squished on to the left side of the viewport, with the right side totally blank.

When I load up the site using the Web Developer tools on Firefox, the display error appears when I toggle the touch support button, but then normalizes again. There is a second issue where some of the animations have a delay when touch support is enabled as well.

The JS shipped by my developer has a lot of touch functions, but the only one I see called on the page is this:

Any ideas how to fix?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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