Help with this scrolling navigation


i need help with this scrolling navigation, someone can help me how to do this? or there is a tutorial on scrolling a page like this sample?

sample ----->


This is something that can be done with an external source such as fullpage.js since the one wheel click for 100vh scroll. If you are only after the sliding effect, you can take a look at this.

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Thanks @avivtech just the thing that i need :slight_smile:

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In case you are wondering how to get that same effect with fullPage.js, they are using the Parallax extension of fullPage.js too:

And if you have troubles implementing it, feel free to clone my project!

And my video tutorial on it here:


Hello Alvaro,

i bought the plugin but i need help with linked dots, i cant figure out how to link the dots to each section. please help me thanks!

here is the read only link

@Jaime it seems you already got it working?

Not working, i mean the dots navigations on the right, are not working… can you post a sample on this please? thanks

They are working for me :slight_smile: Working as expected.
Did you try from another computer?

Sorry, the dots links in the published page does not work… what is wrong?

Please check the Fullpage.js documentation regarding the use of anchors.

You are not using the anchors option at all and your sections do not contain the data-anchor attribute either.

Check also the examples in the examples folder: