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Help with the basics of creating and understanding WF basics

Hi, I am a beginner in Webflow but I would like to create a simple website and I need to know how to create the following things.

  1. Cover (full width) on which I apply an image, set the overlay color. I add the image but I can’t reduce the height and I need to stretch it so it doesn’t lose quality.

  2. How do I apply effects to such a cover ? For example, the effect when I scroll down the page (it’s a parallax effect)

  3. I tried to add the svg logo to the navbar but it didn’t work so I did the following as in the video is it correct , and if i add this image repeat ? …then it helped me turn on HDPI … but it’s still very complicated …

  4. How do I create a toggle table that looks like this - (background inside tab must be white)

I am not able to create even the most basic elements with Webflow … what am I doing wrong?
I can’t imagine how someone can make a website through it :sweat_smile:
And I’ve seen wonderful sites created through WF
Thank you very much for your help !

Here is video