Help with text animation. It's URGENT!

Hi Webflow Community, I’m trying to create an animation that circles a text when you scroll into the element, for emphasis sake. Like the one here on

You see the daring is circled for emphasis. How do I do it on my site. I’m trying to create the exact animation to circle the word “Stick” and a similar animation to circle “high-spending shoppers”. How do I do this, please.

This is my site I’m currently working on:

I’d appreciate a detailed response simple to a beginner, because I have no technical background and I’m just trying to do this on my own. Thank you!

Also, if you look at my project, I’m trying to build an animation that crafts as you scroll, similar to

How do I go about that too? I have tried taking the webflow lessons, but I don’t seem to understand it and it’s frustrating.

I do not have an idea about coding, so tell me if I can actually build it visually in webflow.

I love you and thank you guys very much because I know your contribution will be valuable. !

@Juan_Prima @pietrofalco