Help with sudden containment change in modal popup

Hello, I’m fairly new to Webflow and I’m making a portfolio website for our company.
I have made a Collections grid, each item has a modal popup video, everything worked great.
But then I added a pull out menu on the side, which scales the content grid down to make room for it. After adding that all the modal popups dark backgrounds are now constrained to only be within the content grid itself and the modal video is stuck on the center of the grid, as in far down on the page.

First I thought i had messed up the z-positioning some how, but that doesn’t seem to be it.

Would really appreciate some insight into why that happened.

Read-only link:

Thanks in advance

Tried recreating the page a bit simpler, and seem that any time I set a scale interaction on any element of the collections grid the modal and its dimming background will be constrained to only appear within the section it is contain in and the modal will lock to the center of the section.

Is there any way to set scale interactions to use the Size parameters?