Help with slight alterations on Productos template by Fouroom

Hi guys!

I am seeking a bit of guidance from this amazing template, if anyone could assist that would be great!

  1. I can see that the hero section background inherits from somewhere, am I able to change this to match the background of the product ?(Thought it did this, but doesn’t)

If you click on the ‘View Product’ button, you will see that the background of the product is different from the hero section background.

  1. If I add a .gif file to the products ‘Transparent Image 1’ or 2, is there anyway to change the transparency/Opacity of that Image/Gif somehow? CSS? Or an easier way?

  2. The ‘feature’ setting in the product doesn’t seem to work properly. I would assume when you enable the product to be ‘featured’, it would show up on the homepage hero section slider (Which they don’t).

Well done on producing such a high quality template on Webflow @fouroom , it really has been awesome to edit!

Thank you,


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