Help with Slider or gallery track editing


I’m trying to edit what seems to look like a slider, but it’s technically on a gallery track. I’m trying to figure out how I can edit the other slides on the track. There’s no way for me to view the other slides to be able to select them and edit. When I’m in editing mode, I’m not able to see the other slides. I can only view them during preview mode because it’s triggered by mouse scrolls.

I provided a video to give a better context.

Typically there’s a navigation section like the center button, but it’s not there anymore: 45%20PM


Hello @wearebtstv,

So I have two tips on how to edit your slides. The first one is to move your slides around as you edit them, since your screen is locked on the first slide, you can only visually edit the first slide right? so on the navigator place the slide you want to edit on the first position edit it and then go back to your original position. The second one is to turn each slide into a symbol, then create a new page place the new slides symbols there and edit them how you want them and since the slide are now symbols any edits you’ve made on them would be applied to the original ones. I hope this helps.

Wow. Can’t believe I didn’t think about this. The first one worked great.


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Awesome @wearebtstv, Im glad it worked out for you. Take care.