Help with Slider - Image and Text when mobile drop text below image

Hi Guys,

Just looking for some help if possible. I am trying to recreate my old site in webflow, as a beginner to webflow I am finding my way around, some things are easier than others. On my old site Elation DJs there is an existing slider, image on the left and corresponding text on the right, is there a way that the existing slider can be recreated but also be responsive so lets say when gets down to mobile view the image will be on top with the text below still in a slider format

Thanks in advance for any help…


Hey @webleeds

Yes of course, you can use the webflow slider and style it.

Drag a slider in designer

Put a container and a 2 columns in your slide 1 for example

Add your image and paragraph

Then go to the tablet break point click on Row and change the column order

Give to your slider parent class and height

And style it :slight_smile:


Hi Louis,

Thanks so much for that – now working correctly… :slight_smile:


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Great @webleeds

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