Help with Shopify Embed Code—Double Buttons


I am having an issue with a Shopify embed code showing up twice on desktop and tablet. The page I am working is a duplicate and I am not having this issue on any of the other “template” pages. I have attached screens for visual reference.

Page I made last week that is working fine:

Page I am working on now:

I haven’t made any changes so I am so confused as to why this is happening. The only thing I have been messing with the device display options and this has not helped.

Please help!

The pages I am referencing are under online class/ Jasmine Rae (working) + Yasmine Mei (not working)

Hi @lindsay.ware,

Beautiful website, I love the earthy color palette.

I can’t find the page you’re referencing, I also recommend adding a search bar because it’s so frustrating to find what I need. (free) is the easiest with flexible styling.


@nwdsha Thank you! Thanks for the search bar tip—I’ll definitely check that out.

If you are in the designer they are in the folder (online class) both at the bottom

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