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Help with setting up hosting

Hey guys,

Has anyone tried to set up Webflow with Netfirms hosting before? I’ve set the hosting details up for Webflow in Netfirms (A records and CNAME) and also pointed the domain to (it’s defaulted to Netfirms own page builder home-page).

Also, my client is using (Office 365) as the name-server.

I’ve set up many Webflow sites with various hosting providers and haven’t had this issue before, any help would be greatly appreciated :wink:

The readme link is here.


@DanW - Please describe what is not working and what your custom domain is. Hard to help without that.

The hosting/ssl is now connected, so just waiting for the DNS to fully propagate.

If I have any further issues I’ll PM you directly if that’s OK? (I don’t want to release the custom domain to the public as requested by my client).