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Help with section visibility

The bottom picture is fixed to the top but it’s coming off the screen. isn’t meant to be on the top like the top image.

The error is on the riding out page.

Hi @Jeffrey_Gillespie, thanks for the report, I am not sure exactly which image you are referring, but at least on the very top image in the main header, there is a -26 top margin, which is taking that image 26 px off the screen.

Is this what you are referring to?

If not, could you take another screenshot of the exact element as the page content seem to have changed on the “Riding Out” page.

Thanks in advance.

Hi thank you for replying. it’s on tablet view

Hi @Jeffrey_Gillespie, it looks like the content is being hidden on mobile devices, is that perhaps the issue? I would check that elements which are not shown, are not being set to Desktop only visibility settings.

Thanks in advance.

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