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Help with scrolling to section links


I can’t seem to get my in-page linking working. Specifically on the “Indigenous Education” page (.indigenouspage). I want my fixed side navigation to correspond with my headings on-scroll. For example, “Project Overview” text in my side nav to be highlighted pink when scrolling through the Project Over section, and so forth.

Here is my read-only link,

If anyone could take a look that would be greatly appreciated !

Hi @_kim, first, just so that we are talking the same language, the Indegenous Education “page” is not a page, it is a Div block with nested divs.

Section scrolling works when linking to elements where the parent element overflow is set to visible.

I would either put those projects on separate actual pages, or change the layout to have a fixed nav under the body and put individual sections under the body for content.

See this helpful post that shows the requirements of how to get section scrolling to work: Getting Webflow's smooth scroll script to align correctly with fixed headers/navigation

Also, keep in mind that any fixed position element is fixed relative to the body regardless of nesting level. If you want to absolutely position a nav within a parent div, then give the parent div relative position and the child an absolute position styling.

I hope this helps.

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