Help with Rotate on press opposed to hover states

Hello everyone! I am working on a project and need help! I am trying to rotate these elements to show the back side of the card. I created these elements inside div blocks with simple absolute stacking and hiding the backside and rotating backside card 180.

I am new at this! But essentially I want to be able to on press(click) rotate 180 degrees to show product details and then click back. It works fine on hover but that won’t work on tablets or mobile.

Attached is my READme file and you will see div blocks labeled “container mini” I am trying to flip in the “Flip Section”.

Probably something simple but I really appreciate the help!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi! @jonenge

Just add this interaction to your “Container Mini”:

Then create 2 Animations, 1 for the first click and 1 for the second click:

Hope that helps

Thanks Leon! Appreciate the help!