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Help with root domain SSL certificate reset

Need help figuring out how I am duplicating a www in the url… I assume autofills to … but it’s duplicating to Bluehost says A files and CNAME are correct and that it is a problem at the host…webflow. Any ideas?

Hi there @sugo, the www domain in hosting tab should be set to the default, take a peek here:

Set the www as the default, then republish the site. If the issue persists, let me know so that I may check again.

Thanks in advance

Its only been a few minutes but the problem persists. I’ll check again in the morning. Thanks for you help!

Hi thanks,

I show the www site is ok:

There is an issue with the SSL certificate on the root domain, It looks like the SSL certificate on the root domain failed to install. I am sorry for the trouble, I am here to help.

I have already contacted our network team, and we will fix the certificate manually and replace the certificate. No further action is required from your side and the issue should be resolved within 12-24 hours.

The other forms of the domain will all redirect properly, i.e. you would have to type in exactly https:// to get the error, if someone types in the root domain without https, it will redirect properly.

I hope this helps.

This is great help. Thank you. I notice that apple/safari populate just fine… However surface pro/chrome still a problem. I’ve tried dumping dns cache with no affect. I imagine the SSL cert fix will do the trick. Thanks again for the heads up service.

Hi @sugo, yes it will work normally after the fix, not to worry, I will be monitoring and here if any issue. You can also contact us directly to our support on custom domain issues at

The issue will be resolved automatically in 12-24 hours. Thanks in advance.

hi @sugo, the SSL certificate should now be fixed. I hope this helps!

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