Help with reverse proxy

I have a blog project created at, however, I want to be able to display it under my own domain, which would be, so that when browsing to it loads the information hosted at

To do this I have made a local reverse proxy in Ruby on Rails using the rack-reverse-proxy gem, as shown in this application.rb code:

config.middleware.insert(0, Rack::ReverseProxy) do
      reverse_proxy_options preserve_host: true
      # Add a reverse proxy rule for the /blog route
      reverse_proxy /^\/blog(\/.*)$/, '$1'

The problem I am facing is that when navigating to the following URLs I am encountering the following behaviors:

  • localhost:3000/blog → It loads the content of and keeps the original host (localhost:3000)
  • localhost:3000/blog/post/cupon-de-descuento-de-barkibu → loads the content of Cupón de descuento Barkibu de 25€, however, it no longer maintains the original host and when I navigate to this URL both from an internal link or by typing it directly into the browser, a 301 redirection occurs from localhost:3000/blog/post/cupon-de-descuento-de-barkibu to https ://

This happens in all the pages and subdirectories of my Webflow project, except in the root directory, which does keep the host, when I want it to keep the host in all the pages. Is this happening due to some kind of Webflow limitation or do you see something misconfigured in my code?

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I think you won’t be able to do reverse proxy from standard webflow domain but would rather need a subdomain connected to the WEbflow project. I’ve done reverse proxy a few times but it was always via cloudflare so I’m not sure how relevant it is to your situation but that’s how we’ve managed to do it.

Guide: How to Reverse Proxy a Webflow project with Cloudflare Workers · Guide: How to Reverse Proxy with Cloudflare Workers You have some more guidance here so if it works for your use case feel free to check it out

In the end I have created a subdomain “” pointing to “”, and I have made the reverse proxy to, but still I find the same problem, when I navigate to the home through these links the following happens:> Correctly loads the home of the webflow project and maintains the host

Por qué el momento ideal para contratar un seguro para tu mascota es ahora - > The page loads correctly but it does a 301 to the subdomain, which does not preserve the host for me.