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Help with responsive images

I am having trouble with the images. Whatever change I make to mobile goes back to desktop. Can someone take a look and help?


Hi @Luccimia, Can you help to update the post with a screenshot of the image showing what is happening? It will help us to zoom in on the issue :smile:

Styles cascade from Desktop to mobile. If you change the source of an image on mobile, it will change the image the image for all views. If you style the image on mobile, such as changing the height or width, those changes will only affect the mobile view.


Hi Dave:

I too am having difficulty with STYLING images in Mobile: when I change the image HEIGHT and WIDTH in Mobile, the size change cascades up through to Desktop.

Please advise.



Hi @Envirock, if you change the image width and height in image settings, this changes it on all views. If you need to style the image differently on different views, assign a class to the image and then style the image class height and width on different viewports. ​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:



Cyberdave, that is what I did – assigned a different class to the mobile image, but it still changed on the desktop. I did however, use the desktop class and add another class to that on mobile. Is that the problem?


Hi @Luccimia, can you let me know which image on your page, which class it is that you are trying to style differently on mobile and desktop? Which page and a screenshot would be really helpful :slight_smile: Cheers,

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