Help with responsive design and animation

Hi, I’m completely new to webflow and need help with responsive design for tablet and mobile. The main focus is the services section where the text and images are all over the place when it comes to screen sizes smaller than desktop. There is also an issue where the animation for the text to appear is slower than what I want on mobile. I’m using the momentum template as a foundation if that helps: Momentum - Business HTML5 Responsive Website Template

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bilal's Fabulous Project

I have tried everything for the past week so would appreciate the help.

Hey @billkhiz,
welcome the the WF community!

Getting started with webdesign can be tough, especially when it comes to thinking about structuring your layouts for multiple sizes!

So, your grid for the 2 column text and image works for bigger screens but falls apart on smaller ones. Think about how you can rearrange those, the text should probably take the whole width on small screens, maybe put the images above them?