Help with Resort/Expedition Booking CMS Integration

Is there a Webflow integration for Resort/Boat Expedition Booking?

Each boat has multiple expedition dates, along with multiple rooms to choose from. Each of those rooms you can choose how many people will be in there.

Here’s an example page of what I’m trying to build: Scubaspa Yang, Maldives -
The part I’m trying to build is the ‘Choose your departure date’ section and the flow once you select a ‘Select Cabin’ button.

I’m having trouble creating the user flow for selecting the expedition date, choosing your accommodation on the boat and then sending the chosen info through a form to my clients email as I’ll need to send through the boat name, expedition date, chosen cabin and number of people in that cabin. I also want to be able to update the pricing based off how many people will be in a room.

I’ve already created CMS collections for the boats, expedition dates, and cabins but I don’t know how to string them together within a form.

Is there any way to build this in Webflow?

Although it would be ideal to be able to build that entire UX in Webflow, I find there are a lot of admin issues for the client once it’s released and they need to change things.

As an alternate approach you might want to focus the site on marketing and presenting the packages, videos, SEO, etc. and engaging customers. Then for the actual booking, hand it off to a dedicated booking system.

I have some clients who like Resdy, but there should be quite a few options out there.

I had a feeling this would be the case. I’d like to avoid needing to enter in the same information about the boats and expeditions in 2 different platforms. Is that inevitable with this kind of setup?

It depends on what you need. In things like medical sites and tour booking sites, I typically put all of the marketing information about the services in the Webflow site, and then the booking system just has names, options, prices, calendars, etc.

If you find the right integration you can just display those options in an IFRAME/JS embed from the booking system which solves all of the problems at once.