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Help with product listing page image dimensions

Hi webfow community,

I need guidance on how to best layout the product sections on this page:

Context, we are working with webflow designers, but need more help.

Our goal is to have the height of the “Devices” products take up about 70% of an average screen so that there is a peek of “Patient & Provider Software” before a customer has to scroll below the fold.

Our developers are stating that these product sections are a ratio similar to 33% of the height (something similar), so by making the spots shorter is resulting in them being skinny and spaced apart.

I think the current look is not good, so looking for all advice on how to make them 70% of the screen without making them skinny.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hello @mm916157,

I tried to use your read only link but it is not working. I look at your website and your navbar gets kind of like in the way of your ideal 70%, so maybe add a hide while scrolling down animation for the navbar?