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Help with positioning text down 50% of the way down browser

Can anyone help me get the text to position half way down the page like the image attached. Trying to get “John Lefler, Jr” to be 50% down.

I am using a 2 column layout to be able to posit the page in two to display rider info and to display rider data on the map. Would it be better to use a different layout to achieve this same affect. I tried 2 sections creating each to be 50% of the width of the device but the second one wouldn’t move left. Very frustrating.



put height 100% on “rider colum” and “rider bio colum”
them put “rider name” transform -50%, and take off height 100px.

and them take off all the position from the inside texts “h1”, “h3”, etc…

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ok, the position from the texts, you gona need config for what you want.

But the principle to put some div in the middle is:

[div height 100%]
…[div position top 50%, and transform move up 50%][/div]

ps. sorry my english

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