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Help with page section links / body overflow

Hi Guys,

I’m customizing the Studies Theme ( and I’ve changed the structure.

The problem is the in-page linking suddendly stop working in the pages *Sobre Nós / *Plano de Atividades and even the theme page (e.g. Documentation) it’s not working as well.

What’s happening is:

When I click on the item (e.g. Introdução) to scroll to the section sending to the url - http:// , is sending to the homepage with this url -

What am I doing wrong? Please help.

BTW 301 Redirects are done:

Thanks in advance.

Here is my public share link:

Published link:
Password: 1S7GHUOT1S7GHUOT

MAC OSX 10.11.3
Chrome 60.0.3112.90

Hi @InovarAutismo, thanks for the good question. At the moment the section linking and smooth scrolling does not work if the body is set to scroll. Instead set the body to visible on the overflow.

Take a peek:

I hope this helps!

Hi @cyberdave, thanks a lot for your answer.

I’ve done what you’ve explained but somehow the same thing is happening :neutral_face:
You can check it in my share link. I guess there must be something else, can try to help me out again?

Thanks in advance.

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