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Help with page scrolling and symbol with collection not shown on published site

Hi all

I have some items that are showing in designer and preview mode, but don’t appear on the published desktop site. They do, however, appear on the published site on mobile. Any ideas?

  1. On my Projects page - the page won’t scroll at all on desktop
  2. On individual collection pages - the ‘Recent Stories’ symbol at the bottom doesn’t appear. Neither does Previous/next control at the bottom.

Many thanks


Here is my site Read-Only: []
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Hi @Andy_Johnston, thanks for your post, on the scrolling issue, I am not able to see that on my end on the published site:

Could you let me know what browser you are using and confirm the link to the published page you are looking at is

On the Recent Stories symbol not showing on individual collection pages I am checking into to that.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks Dave, fixed the scrolling issue. I’d set the body overflow to hidden. But, yes, the Recent Stories symbol and the previous/next controls are still a question.

Thanks @Andy_Johnston, I am still checking in to that and will let you know the moment I have new info. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Dave, on the Projects page, I’m also wondering why the ‘Recent Stories’ background is showing at 100% opacity rather than the 19% specified in the CSS. I am wondering if this has something to do with the z-index? Thanks, Andy

P.S. I’ve now chosen an alternative route. Would still be interested if there is something obvious here.

Figured. I had an interaction overriding the opacity.

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