Help with page load interaction for (ellement) grid

Hello, I am putting the page transition interactions on the portfolio, but am having problems getting the interactions to play for page load of project pages.

Video screen recording


I have added interactions to the project page goodyear. It will play in that page preview. But then loading the home page and visiting the link to goodyear {no load animation}

Any thoughts would be great!

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Hello, @Brett_Combs :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Just delete the existing trigger and apply it again.


I tried your suggestion. No changes.

Also, embeds are not showing.

screen recording

Have you checked live website after these changes?

The bottom line is that following links inside the designer ignores the page load trigger.

Try again, publish your site and check it out on a live site.

There are collection lists in the template that must be it. There is no page load to see so the interactions dont play