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Help with overflow affecting lightbox styling

When i review on my computer, resize the window all the element shows well. However when i try to review the website on iphone by safari, at the bottom of the website, the lightbox messed up, also the bottom form. Is there any way could fix these problems.
(please view by mobile device)

messed up like this

The bottom form section is solved.

The lightbox section still got problems.

Hi, from what I could tell it seems at least one element has some styling, which is creating overflow. Overflow is one thing to check.

I think the problem it’s not that. I have duplicate the website and deleted all the other section just keep the lightbox section. Still got the same problem when i view the website on my iphone 6 safari. I have been published the website and cloneable. here is the link. Could u pls help me checking again. Thx

Hi @teekin, thanks for the updated info the reduced case helps a lot. I am taking a look.

Thx Dave, No worries, i have been fixed by myself. Flexbox child position problems. Cheers:grinning:

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