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Help with Navbar Scroll Interaction

Still new to Webflow, but loving it.

Having some issues getting my navbar to pop down upon scrolling past the hero section. I followed the instructions in the demo video to recreate, but the interaction just isn’t working for me. I’m figuring there must be something I need to change structurally that wasn’t mentioned.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nathaniel. What’s the name of the navbar element that you want to pop down? I can’t seem to find it in your page.

Thanks for the reply. I just recreated what I had (following the tutorial exactly, for the 4th time). Still not working for me though.

I had some trouble with this until I looked closely at the video and noticed that the flyin nav section was set to position fixed. I think you may also want to set the z-index so that it is on top. HTH


That did it. Someone should document this.

Thanks Woody! I appreciate it.