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Help with Navbar (on mobile)

Hi Webflow Community! I’m currently working on a website, and just have a quick issue. This website is an e-commerce website, and I’m having trouble with making the navbar responsive.

With the image attached below, I wanted the ‘log in’, ‘search’ and other tabs except the cart to be part of the navmenu when in burger navigation form. Is it possible?

Hi @Bianca_Are,

Did you ever get this done?

If not, please post your read only link, so members can take a look. Off the top of my head, without seeing it. FYI, text will not be responsive, but the Div holding the text can. So don’t set any CSS on the text element itself, set it on the Div instead (that’s always best practice).

For that Div, use VW or % and you’ll get responsive text for all device view. However, you will have to set them manually for each view.