Help with multiple references

Hi there,
I’m building a component guideline resource, but I’m stuck on a feature.

This is my actual structure:
3 collections: design systems, component generic and component specific name.

This is what I need to achieve:
A collection page for component generic where I show all the design systems that have those components with the name indicated in the design system which could be different from the generic.
It’s pretty confusing so this is an example:
On the alert (component generic) page I show, for example, 3 design systems that have an alert but they call it in a different way one calls it feedback, one alert and another one banner. Since they are essentially the same component I want to show them on the same page: alert (component generic).

I know that is pretty complicated but does anyone have an idea on how to achieve it without getting crazy?
Thanks and hope to share this resource soon with all of you

Here is my public share link: LINK
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