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Help with multiple hidden objects

Hi, i’m trying to make multiple objects to appear/disappear on click but can’t seem to do it…

Public Link:

i want the “WHY”, paragraph and image to appear when pressing on “branding”
and a diffferent why, paragraph and image when pressing on “design” etc.

also, hover effect on branding, design illustration, when hovering the WHY appears.
managed to do the second part but i can’t seem to make a click interaction on top of the hover interaction…
and i also can’t add another element under “effect different element(s)”


@Mordi_Levi if I read you right you want something like this and here is the public link

that’s really close to it :smile:
the click on branding is good, and clicking on the other headers should show a different image and paragraph,
but the hover effect, i meant when you hover on “branding”, it shows the WHY that is near the branding, when you hover the ILLUSTRATION it shows the WHY besides it. there are 3 WHY’s next to each header…

the problem was creating an interaction on the word BRANDING that is hover and click and that effects different elements…

thanks for the help!!

@Mordi_Levi First, I need to clarify what you try to achieve there :smile: If things right for ‘BRANDING’ then you can simply set all effect to the rest. This what I quote from what you posted:

There you see the pink block :smiley: that we can change it or add an image in it easily. I’ve just added one line paragraph for you there.

Again, if things are right for ‘BRANDING’ you can only create similar interaction based on what ‘BRANDING’ already has.

I’ve added there for you just now :smiley:

How is that now? Let me know.


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This is amazing!! thank you very much. the only thing missing is that the WHY stays after you click BRANDING.
I’ll play with it as soon as i can, thank you again for the help!