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Help with mouse tap animation on second tap

I created a Tab menu that when clicked it shows the check-boxes and simultaneously rotates the plus sign, and changes it to a minus sign. When you click it a second time the minus sign rotates 90 degrees and it’s replaced with the plus sign again. This works great the first time i click the menu, but if i try to re-activate the animation the plus sign stops rotating.

Does anybody know why i can only activate the rotation of the plus sign once?

Hi @Darius3311, thanks for the post and for hanging in there. I took a look and I would as a suggestion, make some interactions structure changes on the second tap action list:


Thank you @cyberdave. That helps a lot. My next question is how can apply the same affect on the other tabs without having to re-create an animation for each one? (Ex. Year, Color, Price)