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Help with Modal Window that slides in and out


I am trying to create a modal window that slides in and out with the click of a button. I am following the instructions for “Pop-Up Slide In/Out Modal” on this page by @Steven_Persoons (thank you for this awesome demo!). What I’m trying to do is the same thing as Steven did with the contact button on that page.

Link to my site is here: I am working on the About page and using Chrome 40.

I am using the interaction “Main page sidebar” on the “Main Sidebar” div block and “Click to Show Sidebar” on the button - see screenshots.

Main Sidebar Interaction:

Click to Show Sidebar interaction:

I have followed the instructions but the interactions don’t seem to be working correctly. The sidebar stays pinned and the button hides when you click it, but that’s it. I am brand new to Webflow so any help is much appreciated!

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Hey Hollis!

Hope you are having a great evening,
simple fix for you. You just need to tell the interaction on this button to affect a different element. It needs to affect the sidebar and not the button itself when you click on it:

Lastly remove the interaction “Main Page Sidebar” from BOTH the Main Page Sidebar Wrapper and Main Page Sidebar Content – this interaction should only be on the Main Sidebar itself (as highlighted in blue beneath)


Thank you so much @jaidenleach! That worked :slight_smile:

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That’s Awesome!

Always here to help @hollis :slight_smile:

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