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Help with Logo styling and Current class

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I’ve added a logo in my Navigation Symbol on my home page:

It doesn’t show on any other page. However, if I double click into the Nav bar, it shows for a split second then disappears. I have no clue what’s going on.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Your TypeKit is not loaded for some reasons.

Make sure you go through steps in this help article: Let us know if that helps :)

I got Typekit to work. Still no logo on additional pages.

The style editor says it should be there.


@designedbycarlos ,

I think I see the problem. It looks like you assigned your brand link a background image after it was already linked on its current home page, so you see “brand link”+“current” in your class name. So then when you navigate to another page, it doesn’t know what to pull since it’s not the current page anymore.

Got to your home page. Double click your symbol to edit it.

Select your brand link and break its link to the home page. This will leave only the “brand link” class without the “current” class. Bring in your logo background image and pay attention to the settings you use.

Now link your brand link back to the home page. The class name should now have the “current” designation on it again. In the current state, make sure your background image settings are the same as they were before; otherwise, you might see some shifting when navigating between the home and other pages.

Now it should appear on every page. Be aware, however, that there are some link issues within symbols. They don’t always work in preview mode, but should work when published. Since I can’t publish your site, I can’t test this.

Good luck!

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It worked exactly as you said! Hopefully, the home link works when published!

Thanks so much!

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