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Help with Logo/Nav Menu alignment on tablet/mobile views

For some reason my logo and nav for mobile doesn’t align properly. The hamburger menu is suppose to be aligned in the center from top to bottom. Here is a picture:

Hi @Ralf_NYC, thanks for the question. From the screenshot alone it is hard to tell what style is affecting the navbar. Could you please share the read-only link to the site and confirm what page the menu is on?

Thanks in advance!

Hey thanks for the response. Here is the link:

HI @Ralf_NYC, looks like the nav could benefit from some Flexbox styling.

Here is one suggestion:

I hope this helps!

Thanks, this worked. One issue I noticed though is when i click the nav menu on tablet/mobile that home and flooring links are not aligned with the rest of the links. Also how can I style that gray background? What would the name of that layer be to style the bg and text?

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