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Help with lightbox layout from template

I have a template I’m working from for my portfolio and I have used the light box gallery element from the layouts menu. I am not exactly sure how to edit the light box media - it doesn’t appear in the general settings section. I would like to make the persona information viewable with light box. Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Here is my public share link: **LINK**Webflow - Ashlie Pounds Portfolio
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Have you reviewed this → Lightbox | Webflow University

Yes, but when I go into the settings I don’t see the option for media in lightbox settings.

I was going to look but the performance of the designer was so bad I quit. You really can’t load 3MB files all over the place. It just won’t perform.

I don’t really know what that means, but do you have any tips for how to fix it or should I just start from scratch and make my own light box section?

I have been using to compress the photos of my mockups and other photos, but some photos are so large I can barely get them to 4MB. I didn’t know it was bad to have them at 4MB. How do I compress them further? All the images on mockuuupstudio are huge, but I have to have those images for my portfolio.