Help with Issue with Parallax Movement on scroll

Hi all, I followed the video tutorial on how to create a horizontally scrolling slide show of images.
Got it working to a point.
I am stuck on an issue with the non overflowing items not scrolling into the div from outside of the masked area.

This has me scratching my heads as I have obviously missed something, but what I am not sure.

If anybody can shed a little light ion this form me that would be magic.

Thanks is the demo site in question with the slide show of clients logos not working as it should.

Can you post up the working share link so we can take a look?

Hello and thanks fro getting back so quickly. Please see the link below

Hi P of P, I managed to find the issue, I simply needed to adjust the size of the tracks to allow for them to fill the view port and then make sure the gallery item track had the interaction on them not the gallery itself.