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Help with interactions

Hello there everyone!

I hope someone can be able to help a bit with an interaction i have made. I do not have the permission to show the site trough a troublelink but I try to explain it in text and image.

  1. My interaction is made to show a block and be able to hide it on a X button. I have made the interaction work but my problem is when I want to close it.

  2. The close button is set on trigger “click” and also set on "affect different element (s).
    The element i want to close is set on opacity 0 in initial appearance and 100 opacity when displayed.

  3. I want to close the element going back to opacity 0 but it does not work. This is how it looks on my close X button.

Anyone that can explain why the opacity doesn’t work?

Thanks for reading this!


Hi Daniel ! Well, what you can do, is to set your about-staff-box to 0% initially, then you can create an interaction that will affect different elements as you have done. What you need to do, is to set the first click to show the box, and the second click to hide it. I have used an image element with class test-image, and instead you would put your about-staff-box element name.


Let me know if that helps… cheers !

Thanks Dave this works perfectly! :smiley:

Great :smile: happy webflowing :smile: