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Hey guys,

I am Pratik and I lead the PM at MakeStories. Our software helps people build web stories and we want our users to be able to publish such stories on their Webflow websites. The story at blacklivesmatter is a good example of the same. Now, what we want to do is build an integration where we send the HTML/CSS from our end and save as a field value in one seperate collection say “stories” with the slug as . Now, when someone visits a page from this stories collection, the HTML / CSS that is transferred and saved as a field value should render. We do not want any HTML code to be rendered from Webflow. We will like to override the Webflow’s output with our own HTML / CSS

I tried to search a lot but it seems that I cannot find any documentation related to templates or function files.

So, any help here will be appreciated.


  • Pratik G.

Hey Pratik!
Can you specify what exactly the process should be?
Do you want each client to save your snippet in their cms? or vice versa?

Okay. So, let me explain the entire process.

  1. We have a tool at
  2. The story is created and it has it’s own HTML ( which is AMPHTML ). This is a complete from to and not just some code snippet
  3. The user will add his API Key which is under his site settings on our system.
  4. Now, our system will transfer this entire html code and send it to the webflow hook or an end point
  5. The Webflow endpoint will capture this html code and save it inside a field.
  6. We are planning to create a collection say “Stories” and have a field say “story_html”. Entire html code will be saved in this field.
  7. Now, when someone tries to access the page inside a story collection, the html that is saved inside story_html will override the Webflow HTML.

I hope I made the entire process clear.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Things are getting clearer.

What is the intended functionality behind your own api that you give your users?
If they just fetch your post, why is that needed

Since you can’t access the backend of WF, the complete exchange of the users live webflow page to your amp html will have to happen on the visitors end of your client sites. WF has no functionality to replace nodes, so you will have to have to custom JS

Why does the client of yours need an own cms at WF? He could just fetch the html from your api but im not sure if the rate limits of WF allow for much scaling here.

Any Idea when will be Makestories compatible with Webflow?

I was looking for web stories and found this:

+1 if we have this API with webflow or somehow webflow supports this stories content.

I am yet to find a solution to this. Also, @Marco_Crtost - The AmpStor integration seems to be very sloppy. Tried it out. It published 3 stories and doesn’t work at all. The page gives a 404 page. I expected much from the Webflow community but I am embarrassed :frowning:

We might need an expert or someone from the Webflow team to help us with this.

Hey folks,

Great News. We finally found a way to make Web Stories work with Webflow. However, these stories are still hosted on MakeStories’ servers and you will need to do some reverse proxy stuff to make it work.

So, the stories are available at
The webflow website works at

What we did was we did create a server [ $5 ] VPS on Vultr for routing the traffic. All the traffic for /stories path was route to MakeStories server and anything else that came up was routed to our Webflow website.

This is however not the most direct integration as we expected. But, it still does the work and you can retain the URL structure. With the new widgets launched at MakeStories, the stories can be integrated very much within Webflow.

Your inputs are most welcome. We will write down technical documentation regarding this very soon.


  • Pratik G.

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