Help with Inserting Google Map to a Webflow Template no API?

Hello there,

I’m preparing some templates that I want to submit to Webflow team, but I’m having a small problem with a Restaurant Template. I plan on adding a Google map section inside the Contact Page, however, for Google Maps I’ll need an API key for it to work.

Isn’t there any way around this? I’ve seen Webflow templates that integrate Google maps, and I don’t think anyone actually provided an actual API for the maps

You can embed a map with custom code. See Share a map or directions with others - Computer - Google Maps Help

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Hi, first of all thanks for the response.

But as I understood from Webflow templates guidelines, custom code is a no no, except for svg.

There must be another way, right?

You could use an image with a hyperlink but that is against Google’s Terms, but I think that openstreetmap allows it. I can’t think of an alternative.

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Thank you very much, I’ll then contact webflow support team about the template issue, and if I couldn’t find any other way, I’ll will use your method!

Thanks again


For webflow templates: You can’t add custom code, so instead of using Map hyperlink, you can

Insert A google map element, and on top of the element (which is grey) you can add a google map image (static, just for looks). Whoever buys the template can either use his own API or use embed code.

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