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Help With Individual Collection Items

Hi all, new to Webflow, after years of using Wordpress. Hoping someone can help me through this!

I’m trying to wrap my brain exactly around how I’m supposed to use CMS to display individual Collection pages.

  1. I’ve created a new Collection called GUIDES in CMS section.

  2. Within that Guides Collection I’ve created and published my first individual guide (made up of a title, main image and content - a blog post basically.)

  3. In the settings area of this individual Guide post, I see a URL where this post supposedly is accessed at but I only get a 404 error when trying that URL.


So my main question is should my guide post be accessible at the URL given, as long as it’s published?

Or do I still have to manually go and create a new website PAGE for this post to be displayed publicly at?

I’ve just tested that, where I’ve created a new page with the same title of the Guide CMS post, and was able to import the content of that post into the page.

Just want to know if that’s the correct way to do this, and if so, why am I given a URL for the CMS post if it isn’t accessible?


Hi @tony001! Yes, this is the URL of your new content but will be accessible just when you publish the website.

If it is still not working, please send us the read-only link to see inside the project.

Eve Kayser

Thanks for the reply Eve, will do!

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