Help with Image Resizing

Hi All,

hope you don’t mind me posting here, and I’m sure to most of you my issue will seem trivial and simple, but I’ve only just moved over to Webflow so a lot of my issues I’m finding currently are more down to finding where things are hidden.
my previous experience is more based around Wordpress and dreamweaver.

I’m currently working on a site and getting stuck on two responsive issues.

First one is to do with the nav bar on resizing, its laid out in three columns left logo, middle hamburger, right button, but on mobile the bar is not resizing down correctly and the items are sticking in place ( I’ve checked sticky etc ) any other pointers on what I may have missed.

Secondly on the page I have provided the link to, I have created a fixed section with a image and writing in so as the viewer scrolls down it disappears however even with 0 margin or padding there seems to be a large amount of blank black space above and below, any ideas on how to remove this without risking the responsiveness or the image over sizing and cropping off as I’ve already had to photoshop the text into the image to get the position of the text where its needed

any help or tips or guidance would be great

many thanks


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - The Courtyard Worcester)
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