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Help with Home Page -> Project Page Interaction

I’m creating a portfolio website and am interested in creating the interaction that transitions from the Project Slide to the Project Page.

Here’s the example

From what I understand, it’s horizontal scrolling with scroll jacking and I heard that for scroll jacking it’s going to be custom code.

This is the start of what I want my home page to be

and this is where I want clicking on the project to lead to

Let me know what I need to do in order to as I’m not sure where to start. Thank You!

Hey Larry,

Nice Work! really beautiful stuff!
I think that you need something like Barba.js to achieve this effect.
It is a very powerful JS library, but unfortunately there’s not enough documentation about it :confused:

In case you know your JS, then jump right into it. Otherwise, id try to find a front-end developer to help with this.