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Help with hiding CMS


Really need some help regarding my CMS page.

Not sure how to explain this correctly but i will give it my best shot.

The photo below shows my Linked CMS to a page. The issue i am having is i have created 20 sections of CMS. When a collection only has 4 links for example (In this case dining options) the remaining 16 should hide as there is only 4 options. Everything hides accordantly apart from the button which holds my link.

I have been stuck on this for days, how to i get the button to hide like my linked title and text. Currently i have 20 buttons showing on a linked section that should only have 4 links.

I hope this makes sense, please help.

Here is my public share link
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I’m assuming you’ll need conditional visibility. You can hide/unhide things based on whether the linked CMS item is set (or not set). At least, if I’m understanding it correctly.