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Help with grid, sticky position and current status

Hi everyone!

I’d be glad to get some help with those 3 things:

  1. Keeping the grid with 2 columns on any desktop view. I would like my “filter items” to appear in two columns like in the designer but when I publish, my grid is automatically found in one column and the “filter items” are superimposed one above the other.

  2. Keeping the “filter menu” sticky. In the designer, it appears correctly but when I scroll after publishing, the sticky position isn’t maintained.

  3. Apply a color to the filter button when it is filtering elements Actually, I’m looking for the “current” status to edit my filter buttons.

Thank you for your help!


Here is my site Read-Only

Hi @Testing_Things,

Can you share the published site?

Hey Aviv,
Sure here it is published site.
Thanks for helping


  1. I am not sure what the problem is. Maybe @rileyrichter can help :smiley:
  2. The menu is sticky, but with no z-index so it is “under” the content. Give it a z-index of 1.
  3. This might help:

Thanks Aviv! I’m working on it.

  1. Grid on 2 columns - Still struggling with it.
  2. Sticky filter menu - Works perfectly with z-index 1 and adding some pixels at the top. The navbar was hiding it.
  3. Color change for button selected on filter menu - Do you confirm this isn’t possible to display the current status for a text block?

Regarding 3 - You will have to check isotope’s documentation for that :slight_smile:

Ok thank you, have a nice week-end!