Help with graphic placement

I am a newbie to Webflow. I help take care of a site at and we’re looking to move away from wix. I’ve been experimenting with Webflow to see if I can (basically) re-create the wix-based site. Most of it is just static content, should be easy to re-create. But the main header/menu on each page is tricky (for me). I have sort of re-created it using Webflow, but when I click “Preview”, the previewed page does not look like the Designer page. In particular, there is a graphic (jpg) that is supposed to sit on top of a background image. In the Designer, it looks correct, but in the preview, the graphic is outside the bounds of the background instead of sitting on top of it.

Here’s the wix site that I’m trying to re-create:

Here’s a read-only link to webflow: Webflow - ESSS Test

And the published link:

As you can hopefully see, the little yellow graphic is not in the right place. In my Designer while editing, it looks about right.

Another question: The background image has the big gray cross-hatching, how do I get rid of that? It also says (faintly) “Background image”, how do I get rid of that?

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer!