Help with Google Tag Manager

Thanks for this! I needed to add the jQuery library in the “Head Code” section of the entire project’s “Custom Code” page to make it work.

JQuery is already loaded before body close. Scripts that depend on jQuery should be added to the body before close custom code area.


Right, I was actually wondering why I needed to add the jQuery link! So here’s a better solution


Hi @akagi !

Is your GTM tag working now?

I tried everything above and seems to get an error message every time.

How did you finally set up your tags? Did you use the HTML Embed Code Editor method or only the Custom Code section in the settings?


@mint yep it’s been working fine. I added the code in the Project Settings > Custom Code section > Footer Code. And remember to also add the other code specified by GTM inside the tag (Head Code section).

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Oh sh** sorry, it’s working now just had to wait a bit.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


No worries, glad to help!

This fixed it to me also. Thanks for this!

Neither of these methods have worked for me. Tag Manager is still showing up with a timeout error, and 0 containers. I have tried every suggestion offered. What is weird is it seems to work for this man:

Hey all! I can’t get my event tags to fire through Google Tag Manager. I got one part of the button to register the tag, but not all of it.

Wondering if someone can help me out or show an example of how you did it?


This worked for me perfectly. Added the ID to the html embed and your script into the footer code and all errors went away. Thanks!